Commissioned research

The Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation combines a proven track record in leading academic research and state-of-the-art academic insights with validated methods and techniques to help our broad client base to gain key insights to improve their innovation and business performance.

Research focus areas

The key focus areas of our applied research projects are business model innovation, social innovation, strategic renewal and the development and implementation of new organizational and management practices. Our focus on business innovation implies a focus on all these business-related types of renewal, and particularly the various non-technological aspects, determinants and implications. For instance, we investigate the development, implementation and role of new management practices, transformational leadership, principles of flexible forms of organizing, smart ways of working and co-creation with external stakeholders.

Clients & Sectors

The Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation offers its applied research services to various types of ‘client groups’:

    • Firms (large, medium and small enterprises) en other organizational entities that are looking for ways to improve their innovation performance, evaluate their innovation policy, discover new ways of organizing and working, implement a strategic change, bring new propositions to the market or that want to ‘reinvent’ themselves.
    • Alliances and other collaboration networks of firms and organizations that want to improve their interorganizational innovation and business performance, or identify and overcome difficulties to innovate.
    • Business associations, regional authorities (including port authorities) and governmental entities that want to foster innovation and renewal of a particular group of firms or regions.
    • Advisory organizations that serve a large group of firms and who could use our academic knowledge, methodology and techniques to better serve those firms.
    • Individual managers and policy makers that seek access to state-of-the-art knowledge on business innovation and who want to make part of a learning community and acquire new insights or inspiration.

Examples of our clients are ActiZ, Avéro Achmea, the municipality of Rotterdam, Goldschmeding Foundation, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, NEMACC, Siemens Nederland and Stichting Management Studies (affiliated to VNO-NCW). See also our reference projects.

We have conducted research in among others the following sectors:

    • Maritiem & logistiek
    • Hightech industrie
    • Health & life sciences
    • Financiële dienstverlening
    • Chemie & energie
    • Agrarisch, food & feed

An important part of our research portfolio is cross-sectoral research, including for instance regional and country-level studies into innovation performance and competitiveness.

Methods & Techniques

The methodologies and techniques used in our research may include one or several of the following:

    • Monitoring research
    • Effect measurement & evaluation studies
    • Experiments
    • In-depth organizational analyses regarding business innovation, social innovation or strategic renewal
    • Scans (including the Quick Scan Flexibility and Business Model Innovation Scan)
    • Questionnaires
    • Interviews and focus groups

Reference projects