Education & consultancy

Education, Training & Coaching

Would you like to get access to state-of-the-art knowledge in the area of business model innovation, management innovation, organizational flexibility, strategic renewal and innovation capacity? Do you want to know more about how this knowledge can be used for your organization, workforce or business policy? The Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation offers lectures, masterclasses and inspiration sessions in which innovation, renewal and related factors take centre stage, in line with your points of interests and needs. Relevant insights from the business management science and empirical research are presented in an accessible manner and tailored to the challenges of your organization. These educational events could take place, for instance, during or preceding to a board meeting, for a select group of employees or during large company events. Staff from the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation can also moderate events and coach organizational renewal trajectories, thereby facilitating the development and application of innovative insights.

Another possibility is theoretical, thematic course for specific groups of employees or management. For instance, for multiple years we offer such a course on the topic of social innovation for operators and shift leaders in the port area.

At the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation we have also experience with offering tailor-made executive training modules, provided both on location and at our university. These modules focus on various important aspects and antecedents of business innovation and the interaction between these aspects. Topics may include innovation strategy and management, corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship), transformational leadership and innovative human capital en management praktijken. 

Academic consultancy services

The Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation also provides academically grounded consultancy services to firms, governmental entities and other organizations aiming to enhance the innovation performance and the innovation-driven competitiveness of a firm, division, business unit or region. Contact us to discuss the possibilities that we offer.

Education & consultancy