Fundamental research

Research focus areas

Social innovation, organizational flexibility and business model innovation are important sources of competitiveness that are at least equally important for your organization as technological innovation. However, many aspects and implications of these non-technological types of innovation remain unclear to managers and policy makers. At the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation, senior (postdoc) researchers and PhD researchers conduct independent academic research on business innovation. In doing so, the following research areas have received particular attention:

  • Antecedents and levers of business model innovation: how and why do organizations renew their business model over time?
  • The development of dual business models by firms that realize high levels of both business model renewal and business model replication within their organization. 
  • Interaction effects between technological and social innovation: How can these forms of innovation mutually strengthen one another over time?
  • The influence of internal and external factors on the development and adoption of new management practices and structures within organizations.
  • The mechanisms of different forms of social innovation, including new ways of working, organizing, managing, and collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • The development of innovative human capital strategies: how to more effectively use human capital to strengthen the competitiveness of organizations and regions?
  • Determinants of intrapreneurship (corporate entrepreneurship) by middle and frontline managers, and the impact of intrapreneurship on firm performance.  
  • The implications of management innovation on the level of (supply) chains and business ecosystems: which mechanisms play a role in the development of new interorganizational management practices?
  • Which factors determine the innovation performance and sustainable international competitiveness of regions and countries?

Recent publications

Current resesarch projects

Researchers (senior researchers and PhD candidates) affiliated to the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation are currently working on the following fundamental research projects in the field of business innovation:

PhD/MSc thesis supervision

Senior researchers of the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation can play a role in the supervision of PhD theses (both full PhD-trajectories and temporary research visits from universities abroad) as well as master theses.

Contact us for further information about the possibilities we can offer.